When Hope Stirs

Was reminded of something tonight.

More often than not when I feel a burden to pray for someone going through a rough time, my first prayer isn’t that God will make their situation better. (Although I do want that.)

Instead, the cry of my heart is always that God’s goodness and greatness will show up in the middle of the suck because sometimes knowing (TRULY KNOWING) that He is there with us, in the midst of it, is all the hope we need to take the next step.

Keep blowing us away with your goodness and greatness, Lord.


I shared those words the other night on Facebook.  I was prompted to write them after spending my drive home from work praying for a stranger I had encountered earlier in the evening.

I don’t know his situation but could tell from our interactions and conversations that feelings of being lost, depressed, confused, stuck and trapped were his current reality.

My heart breaks whenever my path collides with this combination of suck. Regardless of what may have brought the person to this season, whether it was the result of multiple unwise choices or actions or whether they made all the “perfect” decisions and choices in life but still find themselves in a valley of discouragement and pain.

My heart breaks…and yet… something else stirs within my heart at the same time as the breaking.

It’s this strange, and often unexplainable, sense of hope and anticipation.

Where our earthly eyes see only pain, our spiritual eyes see potential, purpose, and the opportunity for His presence to come in and transform the heap of ash left of our soul into a beauty beyond what we ever imagined.

I know what God can accomplish in all hope seems lost moments and seasons.

Oh that we have the eyes to see, the feet to follow, and the faith to hold on and trust in the God who is greater.  

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