When in Rome…

We live on the outskirts of a relatively small town. Our local mall has come to be known as “the hall”. Not many choices when it comes to finding Christmas gifts. So, it has become a tradition each year to do most of our Christmas shopping the week we spend in Georgia visiting my husband’s folks.

Within 10 minutes from their house we can find a mall with more than one corridor, a Barnes and Noble, and a Starbucks. The town of Rome (located in north Georgia) is our little shopping heaven. When we show up into town it’s like the Beverly Hillbillies have finally made it to civilization for awhile.

Today, we head out to do a little shopping. This non-shopper is kind of sorta looking forward to it. I am determined to keep it simple, relaxed and fun.

One thought on “When in Rome…

  1. Kelli

    Oh girl, these Georgia posts are making me homesick! I was born in raised in Marietta Georgia but have been living in Reno NV with my husband for the last 9 years. Oh how homesick I get but I know God has us here. Homesick or not, I'd much rather be where God wants us. Yes, the shopping is great! Something we dont have here in tiny Reno either!


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