When Spit Hits the Ground


“God came to dig through the snow and show you which way is up.”

As I listened to the message at church last week, I jotted down those words in my notes.  We’ve been in a series called Contrary to Popular Belief and looking closely at the Sermon on the Mount. To illustrate a point in last week’s message, our pastor shared an interesting life saving tip if ever we were to find ourselves buried in an avalanche.

After tumbling down a mountain and being thrown in all different positions, it’s impossible for an avalanche victim to know for certain which way to begin digging in order to find freedom from the snow covering them up. The life saving tip?  Spit.

Though our hearts and minds sometimes deceive us, gravity won’t.  Spit will always fall in the direction of the ground. Spit will give us a clear and accurate answer as to which way we need to begin digging in order to reach safety.  After listening to this story, I kept thinking,  “Lord, I’ve been on this earth 43 years. How is it that I’ve never heard this story before?”  I love hearing and learning new things like this. I love how simple stories like this can hold such important life applications for us too.

I may never find myself trapped in an actual snow avalanche, but I have most certainly found myself (during some dark and cold seasons of my life) trapped in one of life’s many treacherous avalanches. The storms of this life have buried me before. The consequences of some bad decisions and choices have snowballed out of control before. I have tumbled painfully down steep hills before. I have known the panic of feeling trapped, with seemingly no way out.

The good news?  Gravity doesn’t lie when we’re trapped under whatever avalanche might be weighing down on us.  It points us in the direction of truth, freedom and a spacious place to plant our feet again!

I’m sharing the whole message below.  Take time to watch!


3 thoughts on “When Spit Hits the Ground

  1. Jon Stolpe

    Yesterday, church services were cancelled thanks to Jonas. Our family had our own service. For the sermon, we watched Bill Hybels message – Simplify Part 1. What a great message.

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