When the Wind Blows

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One of the themes running through my post the other day was the idea of having faith and trusting in something we can’t see.  For some reason, as I scrolled through image options, this one stood out to me.

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At the time, I wasn’t quite sure why this one captivated my attention. However, as I thought more about it the other night, it made perfect sense. The child is holding the pinwheel up to the sky and waiting on the wind.


The more I looked at this picture, the more I liked it. The child is trusting in the power of the unseen wind. Why?

Because even though the child can’t see the wind, the child knows what the invisible is capable of doing. She’s seen it move trees from side to side.  She’s seen it dance with leaves along the path. She knows the pinwheel can be set in motion by the same hidden force. The child can’t see the wind, but the child can feel the wind. She knows it’s there.

She waits and she hopes, confident that the wind will, once again, do what wind does.

But sometimes, the child gets tired of waiting on the wind. She knows she has the ability to take control of the situation. Her breath can mimic the wind.  Her breath can set the pinwheel in motion too. This got me thinking about how often we attempt to do the same thing in our lives. If the wind is not working fast enough, we like to “help” it along.  We get tired of waiting and hoping.

Or, on the flip side, if we get weary of watching the pinwheel spin around in the wind, we can take actions to stop it, we can reach out and stop the spinning. When circumstances in our own lives spin out of control, we often do the same thing.  We take actions to try to stop it.


The other day, I talked with a good friend of mine from where I used to live in Northeast North Carolina. Tornadoes are pretty rare in that area but on Friday of last week, multiple twisters touched down in the area. They destroyed a dozen or so homes and damaged many more.  My friend told me how she and her kids were trapped inside her car for a portion of the storm.

Tornadoes were all around them, but they had no idea where. They couldn’t see the twisters from where they were. They couldn’t see them, but they could feel the force of the winds that accompanied them.  The wind was so strong, that, for a time, they were unable to open the car doors and get out. Sitting in the middle of that wind, my friend told me she was reminded just how powerless all of us really are.

No matter how much she wanted to, she couldn’t stop that particular pinwheel from blowing. She and her two young kids did the only thing they had power to do…pray.  They prayed for an unseen God to protect them from an unseen force that had them all terrified and shaking in fear.

I know one of the reasons my friend was compelled to pray. (Other than fear, because I know that can certainly provoke a lot of desperate cries to the Almighty.)  But, it was more than that.  God has brought my friend through many storms. I’ve watched the wind blow uncontrollably during certain seasons in her life. I’ve watched her hold tightly to an unseen God who has been a faithful haven for her through it all.  Each time destructive winds have blown, He has been there for her.

Like that child holding up the pinwheel and trusting in an unseen force, we too, must wait for the One who we know ultimately controls it all.

Sometimes He stops the wind, we breathe a sigh of relief and whisper a tearful prayer of thanksgiving.

Other times, the winds keep blowing and we do the one thing we know we can do, we hold on and we pray. The strong winds continue to blow but, in the midst of it all, there’s unexplained peace that calms us down and holds us tight.

Sometimes, storms are unavoidable.  They show up unexpectedly in our lives and threaten to destroy.  My prayer is that you experience His peace, because just like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.  And, when you do, there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

One thought on “When the Wind Blows

  1. Betty Draper

    Eileen your post reminded me of a song titles, I Know The Master Of The Wind. It is when we try to be our own master we become discouraged and let down. I love a good storm with wind because it does remind me who controls. The wind was designed by God to cool the air and like all of creation the fall brought in tornado’s. Great post my wise sister.


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