Words On a Wing and a Special Appearance From Capt. James T. Kirk


While flying out to Arizona a few weeks ago, my seat on the plane was in the row just behind the wing. My view, besides the wide open sky, was these words on the wing: “Do Not Walk Outside This Area.”  For the next four hours, I read my book, listened to music, ate pretzels, and thought about the message on the wing.

Do Not Walk Outside This Area: Nope wasn’t planning on it.

Do Not Walk Outside This Area: We are 30,000 feet above the earth, the last thing on my mind is brushing up on my wing walking skills.

Do Not Walk Outside This Area: I greatly appreciate this helpful advice because I was planning on stretching my legs once the seat belt sign was no longer illuminated. Now, I guess I’ll just opt for a leisurely stroll back to the lavatory instead.

Do Not Walk Outside This Area: Completely agree!  I still remember the lesson I learned from Captain James T. Kirk in my Twilight Zone watching days. Anyone walking outside in that area is up to no good! 


So this is a strange transition but those wing words came to mind again after reading the following words in Isaiah 55 this morning: 

“For just as rain and snow fall from heaven
and do not return there
without saturating the earth
and making it germinate and sprout,
and providing seed to sow
and food to eat,
so My word that comes from My mouth
will not return to Me empty,
but it will accomplish what I please
and will prosper in what I send it to do.”

I thought about how God’s words will reach the hearts and ears of those who need to hear them. He assures us in these passages that they will never come back to Him not having served the purpose they were supposed to serve. I also thought about how those messages from our Creator are deeply personalized for the receiver.

It’s a not a one size fits all gift. The truth of the message doesn’t change but the way in which He chooses to reveal that truth to each of us is constantly changing depending on our situations and seasons.

The message you might need to hear at a specific season might be very different from the message I need to hear. That’s why I love Scripture so much. Even though I may have read a verse over and over, there are seasons when that same familiar verse suddenly becomes clearer or more relevant in my life. There was a time when the message seemed fuzzy or confusing but then the season I am in changes and the words suddenly make complete sense.


I know the words written on the wing of that plane were not intended for me. I know (or at least I am fairly certain) the message was a warning/reminder for the maintenance crew. When passengers read the message (30, 000 feet in the air, on a plane going 500 miles per hour) it seems absurd. Yet, when those who need to read those words read them then the words make complete sense.

Today, I want to keep my heart open to the ways God chooses to speak to me personally. Because He promises us that when His words touch our lives then nothing is ever the same.

2 thoughts on “Words On a Wing and a Special Appearance From Capt. James T. Kirk

  1. David Rupert

    That’s a really funny observation. Some of the warnings are just silly until you realize that many humans need that compliance. And someone actually had to push those limits in order for someone to think they had to give the warning.

    The biblical warnings are sometimes written for some specific people and certain situations. Entire denominations and movements have surrounded some of those warnings when really, we are meant to use our heads and listen to His Spirit


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