A Crazy Cool Cycle

It happens all the time.  If I go through the motions, if I make the conscious choice to do the next thing I know I should do…progress occurs. It’s a crazy cool cycle.

It happens when I choose to tackle an obscenely long to-do list.

It happens when I reluctantly choose to put on my running shoes and run.

It happens when I make the decision to sit down at my desk to write.

The pessimist lurking inside my head whispers, it’s too long, you’re too tired, you have nothing to say today.

The hardest part sometimes is making the choice to step forward when you don’t have a clue where that step might end up. For a recovering control freak like myself, this has always been a big hurdle to jump over.

I  might run out of hours in the day and not even make a dent in my list. I might make it a mile down the road and get a cramp in my side and have to stop and walk.  I might sit down to write and all that comes out is lsjdjfjdfkdjfjdfj.

There is always a chance I will hit a wall or fall on my face…but I wont know until I take the next step…and you wont know either. The one lesson I keep learning over and over as I journey down this road is:

The fear of starting is always worse than the act of doing.

This isn’t new news.  This is just one reminder that I need all the time.

And the act of doing, whether you fail or whether you succeed, will always reap growth. There is always a lesson tucked away in the doing. Always.  It’s one result you can take to the bank   The risks that go along with starting can be scary big.  But the rewards are  substantially bigger

What is the next step you know you need to take?

Take it.

3 thoughts on “A Crazy Cool Cycle

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    The fear of starting is always worse than the act of doing. True words Eileen. Once I get started on something I am okay. It is getting started. It is ever worse when you want to do something that you have never done before. Floyd keeps telling me I ought to write a book. Sounds good but I don’t know where to start and have to admit to some “fear.”

  2. Allison

    Eileen—you have NO idea what these words mean to me today. We’ve been praying about stepping out into something we feel He may be calling us to do!!! What timely words for me 🙂


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