About Me

Hi, I’m Eileen. Thank you for swinging by and checking out my blog. I am a recovering perfectionist who has learned and continues to learn the beauty of stepping out from behind the mask and admitting how much I am in need of God’s grace every single day of my life.

This journey of writing my way through life all started several years ago after I heard a message at church where the pastor asked us to think about one question:

What are you passionate about?

I knew what my answer was, but it seemed funny to admit it out loud. I remember saying to my husband, “Can my passion really be talking about myself. What a weird passion.” But, of course, it’s more than that. I want to inspire people to live better stories by sharing the lessons I’ve learned (and am learning) from my own journey.

A few crazy, beautiful things began to happen in my life once I admitted this to myself. First, God put a burden on my heart to start a recovery group at my church. This is the crazy part because I was so NOT a leader. But God taught me a beautiful truth through that journey…He’s the leader. My job is to show up.

Second, I started to write again. I faced both my fear of throwing up on a page and also my fear of sharing that mess with others. Again, something beautiful happened. The process of doing this brought incredible amounts of joy into my life! I felt free. I felt alive. Through this writing journey, I have learned the same lesson I learned from leading small groups. Perfection is not the goal. Showing up is the goal.

I hope you will be encouraged and inspired by the words I share on my blog. I try to do it in such a way where you can apply the lessons to your own story and circumstances. A few recurring topics over the years…

Finding the beauty and the lessons of life while walking through an “ordinary” day.

Reminders that our pain and our struggles are never wasted.There is hope and redemption for every valley we must travel through.

Coffee. I heart coffee and sometimes this love flows over the brim of the cup…spilling all over these pages!

A few samples of my guest writing.

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A few of my personal favorites

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