Beating My Heart Credit: Dreamstime

I opened my eyes and the words beating my heart, beating my heart were stuck on repeat this morning.  They were set to music too, just like so many other mornings.  I shared this song a couple of months ago. It’s not a new song but it was new to me.

And then I open my eyes
And I know you’re beating my heart
Beating my heart
Look at the sky
I know you’re beating my heart
Beating my heart

Don’t you love when that happens… when you experience something, discover something, or come across something, at just the right moment in your life. It happens with Scripture too.

The words we need to hear right now are perfectly timed by our Creator. It simultaneously baffles me and thrills me. No matter how many times God does this in my life, I’m still in a state of awe over the coolness of it.

I guess it’s those times when I feel most like a little girl waiting to see what gift her Daddy has hidden in His hands behind His back.  What is it?!  I want to see it! Show me, Daddy!

Sometimes, in the morning, when I’m still in bed and listening to the gift play through my mind, I just want to bottle it up or hit the pause button and stay in that moment indefinitely. That moment in my day before the world has a chance to shout something different at me. That moment when I see everything clearly. That moment when I know what matters in life and what doesn’t, who I belong to, and how much He loves me.

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