Catch the Wonderstruck Bug!

“God delights for us to cup our hands in prayer and scrunch our faces against the vault of heaven in holy expectation that he will meet us in beautiful, mysterious ways.” ~Margaret Feinberg

My friend, Margaret Feinberg, has a new book and 7-session DVD Bible study called Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God,which releases Christmas Day.

I am excited to share this book with you. It’s a personal invitation for you to toss back the covers, climb out of bed, and drink in the fullness of life. This book will turn your prayer life upside down, stir your desire to live more abundantly, and take your relationships with others to the next level. To learn more, watch the Wonderstruck Video:

A Sneak Peek At Wonderstruck from Margaret Feinberg on Vimeo.

Margaret recently posted a great warning on her site that those who have read Wonderstruck have experienced the following symptoms:

-An inability to stop smiling
-An uncontainable desire to pray
-A loss of interest in judging others
-A quiet, unshakable confidence in God
-A renewed ability to see the wonders of God all around

…sounds like beautiful symptoms to be inflicted with!

“God is not merely at your fingertips but within your grasp. Live each day like a child digging through a treasure chest,rifling for the next discovery.”
~Margaret Feinberg

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For more Wonderstruck details visit where she’s offering some crazy promos right now with up to $300 of free stuff. I’ve seen the book for as low as $7.95 ($14.99 retail) on Barnes & Noble for all you savvy shoppers.

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