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How Much You Mean To Me

I wanted to post something special today. July 14th was the day my mom died in 1991. My mom loved to write. She wrote short stories, poetry,and songs and would sometimes sing the songs she wrote at church while playing her guitar. She and I would often sing the songs she wrote while we rode along in the car together. Once when I was probably about ten years old, I even accompanied her at church. Here’s the happy little ditty we sang during my brief singing career…

Walkin’ in the Light

There is a little Light that’s shining
All the way from Galilee
Over land and over sea
All the way to you and me

So walk in the Light from Galilee
walk in the Light and you will see
What a change there’s gonna be
When you are walkin’ in the Light

There’s a little joy that’s waiting
Round the corner just for you
You can start your life anew
If you open up your heart today

There’s a little love that’s growin’
Way down deep within your soul
And it’s gonna make you whole
when you learn to give it all away

…fortunately, for the good of the general public, I no longer sing (on stage). But, that little experience was fun.

I wanted to post one more thing my mom wrote. It is a poem that she wrote when she was 11 years old. It was written for her mom on Mother’s Day in 1948.

How Much You Mean To Me

Count all the tulips in Holland
Count all the roses in May
Count all the joys that go with them
Count them again everyday
Count all the stars in the evening
Count every day in the year
Count every happiness God gives
And every sigh; every tear
Count all the beauties of laughter
Count all the love-sparkling eyes
Count all the joys of the sunlight
Shining high up in the skies
Count all the angels in Heaven
Count all the leaves on a tree
Count all the smiles that go your way
That’s how much you mean to me

That’s how much you mean to me too, Mom.