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Clean Toilets or Fun Run

This morning I dropped my son off at soccer camp and had 2 hours to myself. The question became…should I clean my toilets or go for a run? The choice was simple. (I sure wish all choices were that simple 🙂 )

The last two times I have gone running I have had the best compliments. The first compliment happened a few days ago. A man road by me on his bike and said, “Geez, you are the running-est girl I know!!”

The second nice compliment occurred this morning. I was just finishing my last mile and a man drove passed me in his truck. He slowed down and said, “How far do you run?”

I lifted up four fingers and kept on moving.

His response…”Four miles! Good gracious!”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I have friends that run 13.

Like I said, my choice today was simple…and fun.