Embraces from Emmanuel

I was reminded this morning of some of the accounts in Scripture where we witness the glory of the Lord. I love how each time folks encounter His greatness we, the reader, can recognize the smallness or the imperfect-ness of the scene.

Jesus comes along and fills a need. Jesus comes along and bridges the gap. He becomes food for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, and light for our dark worlds. He becomes the shepherd for lost sheep, a firm Rock for shaky ground, and a Father to the fatherless. He becomes the way home, the truth we are desperately seeking, and the air that fills our lungs.

We see Him meeting people in the middle of their messy lives or complicated situations and becoming the answer. No one is required to get their act together first. No one is required to polish up their appearances or surroundings first.

He breaks through facades and gets right to the heart of the matter… and the heart of the matter is simply this…Jesus, Emmanuel, wants nothing more than to make His home right smack dab in the middle of all of our messy and unpolished lives. In that “going to Walmart in sweatpants and no makeup” part of our lives. In that “one room in the house where we hide all the mess when guests come over” part of our lives. He embraces us and accepts us right there.

He makes a beeline to our lacks and responds with love and grace. He enters our dysfunctional and broken lives and offers armloads of mercy. He shows up in our sea of hurt and offers us a beauty and a hope far beyond what our eyes can see and our minds can fully comprehend.

Thank you, Jesus.

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