Freedom…is there anything better?

While out for my run this morning, a variety of songs played on my iPod. Today, I was thinking about the common thread between the songs. I tend to gravitate toward songs that have a way of reminding me of the beauty of freedom. Specifically, the freedom I can experience because of the relationship I have in Christ. I never get tired of listening to songs that remind of this truth! And, often, it’s not even a worship song that accomplishes this. What about you? Have you found a common thread running through the songs you enjoy listening to?

I spent the rest of my run trying to think of a creative way to incorporate the titles of some of my favorites into a nice summary of how this freedom feels. I linked to each of the songs too. Some of these I’ve posted before but since I like them… I posted them again. 🙂

sitting in my

folding chair


reflecting on the

beauty of the cross

i’ve left the

feeling good

knowing it’s all

for love of you

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