Freeze Frame

There were two walks I took this week around sunset where I regretted not having my camera to capture the colors in the sky. I live on a water canal just a few houses down from the Albemarle Sound. The neighbors at the end of our street have a front row seat to some awesome sunsets over the water.

Last night as we walked past these houses I remarked again to my husband how cool it would be to have that view in our backyard. If we did, then every night, I would set my alarm clock, pop some popcorn, and pull up a chair to watch the show. Or, at least, I hope I would.

Each time I walk by this site, I wonder if the people inside the houses are looking out the window and taking in the spectacular show going on in the sky. They’ve seen it thousands of times I’m sure…but I wonder if it still makes them pause. I wonder if it still takes their breath away. I hope so.

In reality, if I lived in one of these houses…I wonder if I would take this scene for granted some nights. I wonder if I would get distracted doing something else and forget to look out my window. I wonder if the beauty would become routine. I wonder if it would become just another night. I hope not.

That’s how we are sometimes.  We have access to the same beauty every day and we forget to stop and really look at it. We assume it will be there tomorrow and we miss it today.

Let’s make the choice, right now, not to do that. Today is a gift.  Let’s not forget to unwrap it.

Here’s a cool video I saw yesterday that might inspire you.

3 thoughts on “Freeze Frame

    1. Eileen Post author

      Well she is beautiful…but that’s a store bought picture! I only have one little boy…who, by the way, is just as adorable!

  1. Laurie Wallin (@mylivingpower)

    Yes and Amen! It’s been more and more easy to miss the good stuff as we’ve unwrapped my girl’s transition home from residential. I try to stop and see her and our family through the camera’s eye every day. Father, please help us to stop and see the gifts!!


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