I Will Never Play a Role Again


I will never play a role again.

Having to pretend to be someone you are not is a horrible way to go through life.
The mask becomes your prison.
dictating your every move.

I will never play a role again.

Having to smile and tell people you are fine when you are not is a slow and certain death.
Light struggles to break free,
darkness overwhelms it


I choose to leave the role behind
to live and feel and breathe LIFE
letting the truth spill out

watching as Beauty overtakes the cell
still standing as the lies come crashing down
rejoicing as the chains snap away

Light floods the scene
Darkness limps away
Freedom reigns

I will never play a role again.

4 thoughts on “I Will Never Play a Role Again

  1. Loretta

    Eileen, I am just beginning to learn to stop playing a role. It is a hard task for me, and this post reflects how I feel, it could be my song right now.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Loretta, I think role playing (if we do it long enough) becomes a new normal…it is hard to shed that skin. Glad you are learning. I think it’s definitely an ongoing journey in many ways.


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