I’m Going on an Adventure


What is your dream?

I’ve been tossing that question around over and over in my head again for the last 24 hours. Darn you, Jon Acuff!

Ever since relocating to Georgia back in May, I’ve felt very confused about what the answer is to this question. I wrote about that confusion in a post titled New Normals in a Field of Dreams. I know what I’m passionate about. I’ve known that for years. But, how do I continue to use what God has wired me to be passionate about towards more specific goals? Again, darn you, Jon Acuff! I know I need to be hustling towards my dream…but what is the destination?

Sometimes, I just wish God would say to me, “Eileen, write another book.” or “Eileen, start this outreach ministry.” But so far, I haven’t gotten a clear eureka moment.  I’m still using the method I always use when I’m clueless to the next steps, the trial and error method of slapping spaghetti against the wall.

Jon Acuff put another call out on his blog for adventurers yesterday. Many of you know I joined the adventure last time. I took some risks during that journey but his invite came while I was living in my brother-in-laws basement and life was very much upside down for me and my family. It was hard for me to go on an adventure because my current situation was (in some ways) a big adventure.

Truthfully, I don’t feel as if I made much progress down the road this summer. Although, one of my goals was to write more scary and vulnerable things and risk being rejected. To my delight, this post I submitted to Prodigal Magazine while being apart of Jon Acuff’s challenge didn’t get rejected. It was a risk that paid off and I’m so glad I took it.

So back to why I’m cursing thanking Jon Acuff.  Last night I woke up several times thinking about this invite to take another adventure and do you know what movie scene kept coming to mind as I turned over the idea of signing up again?  This one.

This morning, I got up and signed the contract. I’m ready to leave the shire again.

14 thoughts on “I’m Going on an Adventure

  1. Amy P Boyd

    I too have been using the spaghetti against the wall method but when I saw your post I knew I needed to siggn up of the adventure too. I am still not sure if the path I am taking is the right one but I am willing to step out and try. Thanks for sharing and reminding me that I am not alone.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thanks, Don. I just have to remember to trust He will close and open doors while I’m taking those steps.


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