Imagine: A street with a pretty name

It’s Friday and time to link up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday. This week I am participating not only because I love doing it every week, but also because I hope to bring a little “normal” back into my day. I’ve missed writing this week and look forward to when I can post again more regularly. If you would like to join the Friday writing fun, check out the details here.


Well, the first part of our big move is behind us. Since Tuesday we’ve packed a moving truck, drove 650 miles, and unpacked our belongings into a storage unit.  As my son and I followed the man in the big yellow truck (my husband) into the state we will now call home it didn’t feel real.  Both of us would comment how it’s hard to imagine calling any state other than North Carolina, home.  It still feels like we are simply on vacation (albeit a tiring vacation) visiting family.

Yesterday afternoon, we took some time to ride around and look at some potential neighborhoods to live in. Since moving here to start a new job last month, my husband has been scoping out potential houses to buy.  After driving by a few of the options, the three of us attempted to imagine what our next home should be like. Should it have a big yard or a little yard?  Do we want a basement?  Do we want a neighborhood with sidewalks or no sidewalks?  Should we live in this school district or another school district?

Over dinner I jokingly told my husband that maybe we should pick a house the same way I picked a town to live in 13 years ago.  Maybe if the street the house is on has a pretty sounding name we should snag it!  It worked out one time for me…maybe it would work again.  🙂  You can read about that adventure here.


24 thoughts on “Imagine: A street with a pretty name

  1. Kimberly

    It’s funny that no matter how we get to places, that we can always look back and see God’s hand even in what seems the most random of choices 🙂 Good luck with the move!

  2. Anne

    When Andy & I got married, our first home was on Stork Road. But it didn’t produce the results one would conclude. I didn’t get pregnant until we moved to Holly Street. I don’t think I could even consider living on a street that didn’t have a palatable name. One of the streets in our neighborhood is Hockmeyer Rd. I can’t imagine having to say that every time someone asked me for my address! 😉

    1. Eileen Post author

      Oh, Anne, that’s funny! Yesterday, in our search, we drove down a street named Dedmon…it sounds too much like Dead Man. I wouldn’t want to live on that street. There were a couple houses on a street name Scenic Drive…now I COULD live on that street. 😉

  3. Mary

    Stopping by from 5 minute Friday…I moved from my home of 25 years 6 years ago. It was tough to find a place to live, but we did it. In some ways, the adventure is exciting, others…extremely stressful! I’ll be praying for you. Where are you moving to?

      1. Eileen Post author

        🙂 Yes my husband is from GA…it will be my first time living here. Excited about the new chapter!

  4. Lizzy

    A street with a pretty name…i think we’d get along very well. Our street name conjures up images in my mind of castles and grand establishments. We live in a cottage. But I love cottages so all is well.

  5. Mia

    Dear Eileen
    Yes, moving house can be quite disrupting, but you seem to be taking it quite in your stride. It is also very new and a new challenge in life. Hoping you find the right house with a beautiful sounding street name soon!
    Happy FMF

  6. Nita

    Look at you , all posting in the midst of a huge life change! I hope you can quickly find community and connection in your new location, whatever street you end up on. 🙂

  7. Loretta

    Art and I had certain things we wanted in a house. For instance, I wanted a window over the kitchen sink and a master bathroom(with 5 boys, this is a necessity! 🙂 Art had his “wish list” too. Our house has just about everything we hoped for(in some cases even more-the kitchen has two windows!), God answered our prayers and blessed us with some of the desires of our hearts. May He lead you to a house that is just what you are praying for and that has some of your desires.

  8. Elizabeth P

    Eileen, I just met a family that had a street name change while their house was being built that was such a bad name, they told the builders they wanted out of the contract. The developers instead re-named their street “Mount Joy” and they were delighted! I look forward to hearing the story of your new street one day on your blog. Stopping by from FMF.

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