Learning to Acclaim: The Journey Continues…


Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,
who walk in the light of your presence, Lord.
 (Psalm 89:15-17a)

As I read through Psalm 89 yesterday morning, this is the verse that jumped out at me. I love how it says “learned to acclaim you.”  In the verses preceding this one, the Psalmist spends time sharing how strong, how awesome, and how faithful God is. He begins the Psalm this way:

I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever;
 with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known
 through all generations.” (verse 1)    

In other words, I will acclaim (definition: enthusiastically and publicly praise) you, Lord.

These verses, and other ones like it in Scripture, tend to fill me with incredible amounts of joy. And, with regards to the my first thought, I love that acclaiming is a learned behavior.  Why does this make me happy?  Because we all have the capacity to learn. Which means…there is hope for all of us!  Learning often requires two things:  practice and a good role model or teacher.


Yesterday morning after I read Psalm 89, I felt compelled to write down the verses above and also my thoughts about “learning to acclaim.” I had plans to write more but the only thoughts that came to me were the following words:

We won’t discover Truth apart from communion with God.  If you doubt, run to God.  If you’re angry, run to God. Peace, apart from God, is false peace and exactly where the Enemy wants us.


Last night I attended church and my heart had to smile when our Pastor, at the beginning of our time together, read the main question he wanted us to think about:

Have I learned how to live correctly?

Now, before you jump to any conclusions as to what a pastor might mean by asking such a question, the message was not full of a list of rules or  “dos” and “don’ts.” In fact, following an endless list of rules turns out to be the wrong way to live our lives. The right way to live is to become a “student of Jesus”…to learn from Him.


Some final thoughts I had this morning:

  • We can’t learn Truth apart from Jesus; He is our teacher.
  • We can’t learn from our teacher, Jesus, without pulling our chair up next to Him and spending time with Him.


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