Mind-Blowing Partners

Earlier this week when I picked my son up from school he shared some mind-blowing news with me.

Me:  So, how was school today?

Son: Mom, they’re mixing letters with numbers and numbers with letters! (Insert wild hand motions.) It’s crazy!

My son was introduced to Pre-Algebra.  He couldn’t get over the fact that math and letters were hanging out together.  I love when my son is introduced to something new.  His child-like perspective shifts my perspective.  For 9 years, letters and numbers were separate.  Now, my son is learning to put them together.  It is crazy if you think about it.

My son’s response made me think about other “opposites” that go together. For some reason, the dual nature of Christ came to mind.  He’s the lion and the lamb.  It is mind-blowing to me that those two extremes can coexist.  This month, we tend to see the lamb side of Christ who arrived on the scene in the most vulnerable way.  He could have come roaring like a lion, but He didn’t.

Crazy and mind-blowing and beautiful.

Linking up with Shari today for Legacy Leaver Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Mind-Blowing Partners

  1. Kristin

    How funny! I came across this song, and then I come here and here it is! It’s a beautiful song. And I loved your post. . .many things about Him are mindblowing and that He loves me. . .I’m just SO grateful!


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