My Second Favorite Word

The word broken is on my heart this morning. I’ve blogged about this word before. It ranks up there as one of my favorite words. Lately, it’s been giving my favorite word, spacious, a little competition.

A couple weeks ago, I bought a new set of dishes. My husband saw them at a discount store in town and suggested I check them out. They looked very similar to the ones I have been wanting but were half the price. Plus, I happened to have a 20% off “one day only coupon” for this particular store. You might call these God ordained dishes. 😉

Since bringing them home, I’ve handled them with extra care. They are new and special. If one broke, I would be a little disappointed.

The word broken can either stir up negative feelings or positive ones, depending on what’s being discussed. I hate broken stuff…dishes that chip, computers that freeze up, cars that won’t start, roofs that leak…

But broken people?

The thought of a broken person fills my heart with so much hope. A broken person realizes they are beyond human repair. A broken person has given up trying to hold onto all the shattered pieces in their life. They have become completely willing to place all those pieces at the feet of the only one who is able to put it all back together. A broken person recognizes their desperate need for a Savior.

God sees great potential in our brokenness. He sees it as an opportunity to rebuild us, an opportunity to teach us of His greatness. It is in the midst of our brokenness when God reveals the incredible power He has over a surrendered life.

When we give up…He takes over. And there is nothing more beautiful than that!

You do not desire a sacrifice, or I would offer one.
You do not want a burnt offering.
The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit.
You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.
(Psalm 51: 16-17)

8 thoughts on “My Second Favorite Word

  1. Krista

    And that's just it: we are all broken. But the ones who know it and admit to it, these are the ones to rejoice over. Because these ones have hope of being pit back together.

    Lovely post. I love the way you think.

  2. Lisa

    I want to be broken before my Lord. It's so true that as long as I think I have it all together I don't fully acknowledge my need for a savior. But when I admit my brokenness, then God can take over. Beautiful post. 🙂

  3. Shanda

    This was beautiful. God sees such potential and beauty in our brokenness. And what he rebuilds is so much better than the initial product. Thank you.
    And RE your comment on my blog…running is all in the head 🙂 You can do whatever you decide to train for! Kind of like our spiritual life.

  4. Eileen

    Thanks for your comments. I've fallen in love with the phrase, "broken is beautiful". It's so true!

    Shanda, I love your comparison btw training to run and training in our spiritual life. You are correct, they both take discipline and a choice to stick with it!

  5. Tiffini

    ahh yes…broken. One of my favorites as well. I am slowly working through a study now on revival…personal revival. This word goes right along with…


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