Perhaps a Tattoo Would Help…

The last month has been a season of saying no to certain things in order to say yes to better things.

In December, I quit my job at the animal hospital in order to say yes to more responsibilities as a virtual assistant, a new position I started in November.

In January, I said no to leading another ladies Bible study. I’ve been leading groups of some sort for the past seven years at my church.  It was time to say yes to rest.

Today, I’m making the decision to step away again from posting regularly on this blog. There are some changes and tweaks I would like to make to it but that’s going to take learning new things and implementing those things.

Growth takes action.

I think I need to tattoo those three words on my hands. 🙂

To go back to the example in yesterday’s post, it’s easy to talk a good talk while up on the balcony but we don’t make any progress in the journey standing up there.

With this in mind, I am saying no to certain things in order to say yes to other things. I tend to resist this approach to growth.  It seems backwards.  But as a recovering control freak, I need regular reminders to let go, trust, and move forward.

That’s my goal folks.

Thanks again for reading and for your support.

21 thoughts on “Perhaps a Tattoo Would Help…

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    Nothing wrong with saying No to certain things, especially when you say Yes to something else. The old saying, “I’d rather burn out than rust out” is way overrated. Refresh yourself Eileen. Look forward to hearing from you again whenever you are ready.

  2. Caroline

    Sounds like you’re aiming for wise choices, Eileen.

    And, I didn’t know you’ve been working as a virtual assistant! I’ve been working as one since August. I love it. How cool!

  3. Joseph Iregbu

    More grace, Eileen. I’m always encouraged by your desire to live the life that matter. Love the blog revamp. I thought I was on the wrong blog first time I saw it 🙂 Well done.

  4. teresa

    I am glad you are finding balance or working to find balance. I hope you don’t go away completely. I will keep your new adventures in my prayers.

  5. Debra

    I’ve written and re written this several times to try and be eloquent in saying you will be missed and are loved Eileen. Will be here when you return

  6. Denise Dilley (@denisedilley)

    A friend & I were just talking about this today – how sometimes we say “no” to some things so we can say “yes” to others. For some of us, myself included, it’s so hard to say “no” because we want to please people, or help someone with a need, or only because it’s what we’ve always said and don’t know how to say anything else. But in saying “yes” all the time, we miss out on other important things, such as rest, family time, or whatever good thing there might be.

  7. Jenifer

    When I first started blogging I put unrealistic expectations on myself. I told myself I had to blog five days a week and my posts had to be up at 6am. That is not what God told me to do, I did it to myself. It is hard to keep up with that. Now I post when I feel God leading me to post something. It feels so refreshing! I look forward to seeing what God is going to do in your life and ministry!

    God bless my friend! 🙂

    1. Eileen Post author

      Yes, we put way too much unnecessary pressure on ourselves to “perform” I always need to be looking at my motives and asking why this or that is so important.

  8. Tracy

    Hi Eileen, I know what you mean and I think you are doing the right thing. Sometimes rest, and change, create more growth for more words, and more growth for your spiritual life. Praying your changes and growth transform into some more excellent God-centred posts.
    God bless


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