Questioning Your Qualifications


It’s interesting to me how, as believers, we can know intellectually that Jesus came to save the sick and the lost.  We read the passages in Scripture that tell us this.  We nod our heads in agreement. Yet, it often takes awhile for this news (and everything it means) to really penetrate our hearts.

I was talking to a lady recently who was questioning  whether or not she was “qualified” to walk with others and to encourage them on their journey.  Her past is far from blemish-free, she chose poorly on many occasions, she experienced terrible things, and today, she knows that there are days she still struggles to live out (perfectly) this faith she now has. She humbly admits that she falls short.

As I sat there listening to her talk,  I felt my heart become increasingly more giddy at her Moses-like “who am I, Lord,” speech. My response to her?

You are the perfect person to walk with someone else.

I went on to remind her that because of all those things she listed, she had hope to offer someone else who may come along and be at that particular place in their own journey. Or what about someone who has just recently crawled out of such a dark place?  She had been in that same pit too.  She is living, breathing proof that it is possible to get up and to keep walking and to offer encouragement that there is beauty on the other side of hell.

Not only did Jesus come to save the sick and the lost but He then chooses to use those same tarnished unqualified folks to minister to others.  That’s His plan. That’s always been His plan. And we get to be a part of it!

I’m not sure why this news makes me so happy when I take time to think about again, but it does.  I honestly can’t think of a better way for God to “show off ” and to remind people of the power He has to change a life….to remind people it is all Him.  It’s all Him doing the transforming and not us.

Today, if you struggle with feeling as if God could ever use the likes of you…take heart, my friend.  And then take hold of His hand and go where He is leading you.  Someone needs to hear the hope that your story can offer them.


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