Redeem This, Lord. Redeem Even This

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Redeem this, Lord. Redeem even this.

I’ve shared here on many occasions how, over the years, the first prayer that usually comes to mind when I hear about pain and suffering is: Lord, overwhelm them with Your presence. This is a request I make of God more often than any other…more than for healing…more than for fixing.  Because I know from my own faith journey, that His presence trumps all of that.  His presence is what gives us the ability to see everything else.

My second request, and one I’ve found myself uttering quite a bit over the last few days are the words I typed above.

Redeem this, Lord. Redeem even this. 


I woke up on Good Friday to the news of the massacre in Kenya at Garissa University. It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around such evil. 147 lives were lost. And each one of those lives has a name and a story. Each life has family and friends who are experiencing the most unimaginable level of grief right now. A senseless loss. My heart and my prayers go out to them.

On Good Friday, as I read about the attack, this story was woven into the details:

One of the students was spared because she covered herself in the blood of another and the terrorists mistook her as already among the dead.

Today, she lives to tell the story.

When I read about this detail, it made pause. Wow. That’s desperation right there. The lengths people will go to survive. I am so thankful this young lady covered herself in the blood that was available.

This morning I came across an article called Where Was God During the Garissa University Attack.  The author of this article, a Kenyan, is the one who pointed out the deeper lesson to me and one we can take away from this young lady’s account.

“One of the students, Hellen Titus, told the Kenyan media how she was able to escape from the tragedy as the shooters hovered over her and her fellow students. She covered herself with someone else’s blood and was thereby mistaken for dead. That is exactly what Jesus has done for us; He invites us to be covered with His blood so that we can live. And when we are thus protected, we may grieve, but we do not grieve like those without hope, and we do not fear those who can only kill the body but cannot touch the soul.  So, why doesn’t God intervene in these types of situations? He has.” ~ JM Njoroge

It’s interesting to me how I first read this account on Good Friday, of all days, and didn’t see this correlation the first time around. It wasn’t until someone else pointed it out today, Tuesday. Isn’t that just like us, sometimes. The good news of salvation is right in front of us…and we don’t have the eyes to perceive it.


Redeem this, Lord. Redeem even this.

What I mean by this is:  God, make this count for something. Don’t let this be in vain.

And, I know our Savior has the ability to do just that. I’ve seen evidence of this in my own life over and over again. Our Redeemer…redeems. I know it and I believe it. I know it just as surely and as confidently as I can look at the sky and tell you it’s blue, the grass and tell you it’s green and the ocean and tell you it’s big.


One of my husband’s brothers has  been in the hospital for almost two weeks.  Rodney has dealt with chronic health issues for years and years but everything has gotten progressively worse. He is very sick and unresponsive and there is a chance he might not pull through. My husband went to visit him over the weekend and this morning, as I was typing this post, we received another update from his wife. Things aren’t looking good and my husband is making the two-hour trip to the hospital again today to be with him.

Lord, overwhelm Rodney with Your presence. I know he is unresponsive…but I know things like that don’t stand in Your way.  Comfort him, Lord.  Allow him to feel and experience Your presence more than anything else right now. That is what he needs! 

And, Lord, redeem this. Redeem even this.  

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