Something I REALLY hate…

Tuesday was the last day of summer vacation. The Knowles family celebrated by going to the dentist. I may or may not have been the genius behind this decision. Thankfully, the trip was relatively quick and painless.

I have never had a phobia of dentists. When I was a kid, the grown-ups in my life would always stress the importance of brushing well. I never listened to them and my brushing was less than stellar. I never understood the big deal. For some reason, despite my lack of regular brushing, I never got cavities. I did not get my first cavity until I was 26 years old. Since that time, I have had two and yet my brushing habits have improved substantially. What’s up with that?

During this last visit the dentist once again informed me that I did not have any cavities but she did see four “shaded” spots. If I am not extra careful these spots will eventually form cavities.

One thing I am even less disciplined at than brushing is flossing. I hate flossing, but I always make sure I floss the day I go to the dentist. That way, when the dentist asks me the question….When was the last time you flossed? I can honestly answer them….this morning.

Dentists are getting smarter. The question she asked me this time…Do you floss regularly?

Well, depends on what your definition of regularly is.

My dentist insisted that I start flossing every day. It would be the only way these 4 suspicious spots on my teeth would not get progressively worse.

I flossed last night. And, I plan on flossing again tonight and the night after that.

I hate flossing.

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