Success Looks Different Today

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“Success in life is becoming and being who you want to be.”

I read this tweet as I scrolled Twitter yesterday and it made me pause.

That’s not success, I thought to myself. Sure it’s a nice, warm fuzzy thought, but it’s not the least bit true.

I responded to the tweet… “I respectfully disagree.”

I spent nearly a decade of my life chasing what I thought would make me happy and “successful.” I spent nearly a decade in the driver’s seat of my own life, going where I wanted to go.

And…it did lead me somewhere…but I certainly wouldn’t define it as success.

As I thought more about this statement, I thought about the rich and famous in life who pursue what they want to be and all they think they want to become and then, one day, we hear on the news how they’ve overdosed on drugs or committed suicide. Part of us is shocked, they seemingly had it all.

Yet, something tells me that their last thoughts were not…I am living a successful life. 

Becoming and being what you think you want to be and become will not lead to success. This is why we often keep looking for something “more” when we “arrive.” Because being and becoming everything we want is not enough to sustain us and bring us peace and joy and contentment.

In my quest to be and to become what I wanted in life, I learned a huge a lesson.

None of it filled me up. Attempting to run through life, being and becoming, apart from the God who created me just left me feeling hopeless, restless, empty, and completely lost.

Today,  I know I need Christ to be in the driver’s seat of my life, to guide this passion I have inside me of being and becoming. I was created by Him. He is my life-giver. He is my life sustainer.

Today, if I manage to hold on tightly to this Truth, this is success.

Lord, we cling to you today.  Take us where you want to take us.  Mold us and shape us into the children you want us to become.  

4 thoughts on “Success Looks Different Today

  1. Bill (cycelguy)

    I will agree with you and respectfully disagree with that tweet. If success is determined by who i wanted to be i am in deep horse you-know-what. My ideas and goals of that are nowhere near when i am today. But I am the much richer and much more “successful” than if I had reached my previously unattainable goals.

  2. Joy

    Thank you, Eileen. I needed the reminder of this post tonight. I’m going to be graduating high school soon, and sometimes it can be so overwhelming trying to figure what decisions I should make or who I’m becoming or what the future holds. But when I trust God there is such peace. Following Him is true success…Thank you! <3

    1. Eileen Post author

      Joy, congrats on your upcoming graduation! Loved your comment. It’s so tempting sometimes to throw God in the backseat of our lives and try to manage all those decisions on our own. It doesn’t work though and, when we do this, it ends up being more difficult. Just keep holding onto His hand.


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