The Gift of Not Knowing

For the last couple of weeks, lessons have been tucked away in the signs I’ve come across.   I shared the Walmart stop and focus sign with you HERE.  And then there’s this sign.  It prompted me to take a break from my writing just a bit ago and refill my coffee mug.

Okay, so maybe I deliberately went searching for this particular sign…just so I could use it in my post today.  😉 Credit: Dreamstime

At church last Sunday, the pastor used a ROAD CLOSED sign to help drive (pun intended) his point home. It was a great message about Peter and Cornelius from the Book of Acts. The Lord opened Peter’s eyes and heart to God’s plan to include all people (not just the Jewish folks) in his salvation plan. The road was no longer closed, there was a bridge available to everyone.

And, for the last week or so, this sign can be seen on my running route. TRAFFIC REVISION AHEAD. 012After seeing the sign, I thought how cool it would be if life came with warnings like this one.  What if we could somehow be alerted to the crazy changes down the road?  So often we feel blindsided by change.  Yet, the more I thought about it, I wonder how much a sign like this would actually end up helping us. I wonder if it would just cause more anxiety and not less.

Two seasons in my life entered my mind after seeing this sign.  My mom fought breast cancer for nearly 5 years when I was a teenager.  I saw glimpses of this change ahead sign during the whole journey, yet my mind was incapable or unwilling to really accept those signs.  During her last days on this earth, the traffic revision sign should have been flashing red…but it wasn’t.  I was simply in survival mode.  Just hold on and survive.  In my young mind, changes like the one I was going through still only happened to other people and other families.  The signs and warnings of changes around the corner were close to useless to me.

The other season is the one my family and I just went through.  I remember standing in my in-laws kitchen this past December.  We had made the 11 hour drive down from North Carolina to spend Christmas in Georgia with them.  We hugged my mother-in-law and father-in-law, and told them that we would plan on making it back to visit in the summertime.

Little did we know, in two months, my husband would be told his job would be coming to an end, he would start looking for another job, he would expand his search to Georgia, he would find a job an hour from his parent’s house, we would put our house on the market in NC, we would move into my brother-in-laws basement, we would find a house in Georgia.  And in the midst of all this, my husband would have to say good-bye to his ailing mother who passed away shortly after we arrived in our new home state.

I’m not sure about you but, in hindsight, I don’t think I would have wanted to know about any of those changes too far ahead of time.  Again, I think of a great quote,  “He gives us just enough light for the step we are on.”  Thank goodness.   As much as we crave to know what is waiting several steps down the road…sometimes I think it’s an act of great love and  incredible compassion that we don’t know the details.

We simply hold on and rest in the fact that He does.

Time and time again…that has been enough.

One thought on “The Gift of Not Knowing

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    I’ve often wondered if I wanted to know and finally decided No. I am better off not knowing. The only fly in the ointment would be the consequences of my bad choices. 🙂 I see your whole transition as God-orchestrated.


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