The Journey to the Top

I’ve finally started hanging some pictures in our new house.  I’ve been very indecisive about where they all should go.  It just seems like such a commitment.  I want to take my time and make sure I pick the right spot.  Because knowing me (and my lack of interior design skills) they will most likely stay in that spot on the wall until the time comes for our family to call another place home.

I have a picture my mom painted years ago.  I hung it next my desk in my home office.  As I sat at my computer this morning, I realized that I am now surrounded by legacy.  To my left, a symbol of the legacy left for me.


To my right, hangs my favorite quote (which I’ve told you about SO MANY TIMES).  It symbolizes my passion and the legacy I want to leave behind.


Directly in front me, a window that looks out into the world.


When I was a little girl, I can remember looking at the painting my mom created. As I studied it, I would imagine myself walking along that path and up that hill.  It always stirred up hope inside me.  I wanted to reach the top and see what was on the other side.

Today, a sense of excitement still comes over me when I think about the other side of that hill.  One day, I’ll be standing there…at the top.  It will all make sense then.  Every twist, every turn, every bump, every detour along the way. It will all make sense.

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