The Only Assurance I Have

Caution:  Today’s post is kind of a meandering journey through my brain. 🙂

A couple of things happened yesterday that reminded me again of how easily we draw the wrong conclusions.  Earlier this week, I told you about my brown egg/brownie sign mix-up.  Our eyes and our minds often convince us of one thing but upon further examination the truth is revealed.

Yesterday at work we had an owner bring in their little dog who had been hit by a car.  I took the carrier holding the dog back to the vet.  Blood wasn’t gushing. The dog wasn’t crying in pain.  The dog was awake and alert.  To me, he didn’t appear to be in that bad of shape.   And then they took x-rays.  Things were not good.

This experience reminded me of how easily our minds can make assumptions. Unfortunately,  I’m guilty of doing this in many areas.  When I come in contact with a rude person,  my knee jerk reaction is to simply lump them in the “mean category”.  I forget that I don’t having any clue what that person might personally be going through.  I can’t take an x-ray and examine their internal pains and hurts.  All I see is that… blood isn’t gushing, they aren’t crying and they’re walking around fine.  So, I make assumptions.

And then, on the way home from work last night my dad called.   My grandma will be 92 years old in July.  This last year has been a tough year for her.  She has been in the hospital more than she’s been home.  My dad called to give me an update on how she was doing.  Apparently, she has become extremely forgetful and is often disoriented. Who can blame her, 90+ years is a lot of miles on one brain.

My dad told me that tonight she didn’t want to eat her dinner  because she didn’t care for the  food choice.   The nurses told my dad that they offered my grandma other options, such as a grilled cheese sandwich, but she refused that too.  When my dad asked my grandma why she didn’t take the grilled cheese her response was, “I don’t eat grilled cheese for breakfast.”

“Mom, it’s not breakfast it’s dinner time.” my dad said.

The doctor told my dad that it’s common to see patients get their days and nights confused.

Again, I was reminded of how easily our minds can play tricks on us.  Our minds convince us that sick looks healthy, that night is morning, that darkness is light, that wrong is right…

Today, I am thankful to have His Truth in my life. Yes, there will be times when my mind will want to play tricks on me but He promises to guide me through these times.  I’ve watched Him do it over and over in my life.   His path is the path I want to stay on, because with all the confusing signposts on this journey through life,  it’s the only assurance I have.

9 thoughts on “The Only Assurance I Have

  1. Stephen Haggerty

    Hey, I like meandering journeys through brains! Sorry to hear about what you’re Grandma’s going through. I know that has to be tough.
    Thankful for God’s truth in our confusion as well- nice thoughts.

  2. Debi

    AS I read this I have to wonder how the dog is doing, I didn’t see where / if it would survive. Yes I pick out the funnies things. It must be hard to see your grandma go thru this.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Family chose to put the dog down. Tough decision. Always hard to lose a 4 legged member of the family.

  3. Jenifer

    “His path is the path I want to stay on, because with all the confusing signposts on this journey through life, it’s the only assurance I have.” Beautiful truth!


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