The Stuff I Like

I am not a pack rat. You will never see me on an episode of Hoarders. Sometimes I allow my house to get a little messier than I like but I do eventually get to a point where I need to simplify. I am happier without clutter in my life.

Having stuff, just for the sake of having stuff, has never really been of interest to me. Stuff takes up room. I like open spaces. If I haven’t used “it” in sometime, and the chances of me using”it” in the near future are slim…it’s gone. It’s getting to the point in my attic where I will need to de-clutter again soon. Stuff in this convenient hide-away room is beginning to take over.

The only thing I have a tendency to hold onto are homemade or irreplaceable things. I hold onto things that my six year old son has made. I have a whole box of pictures he has drawn over the years and every so often I make myself go through the items and pick and choose which creative pieces to keep and which to toss. It’s a hard choice.

One of the most valuable irreplaceable items I own would have to be this locket. When I was little my mom explained to me that it was to be passed down to every girl in the family. As far as I can tell, it has been in our family for at least 125 years. I bring it out and wear it maybe three times a year, on special occasions. On the inside of the locket is a picture of both my grandma and my great-grandmother.

I have no idea who will eventually be the next girl in my family. My brothers and I seem to only produce boys! When the time comes for one of our kids to start a family…I will be rooting for a girl.

I have something special to give her.

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