The year I slept in

My son made it to 6:03am on Christmas morning. That’s when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and his voice informing me, “Mom, Santa has been here.” The much anticipated day had arrived!

When I was a child it was typically my “job” to wake the rest of the house Christmas morning. Each year was the same routine. I would wake up much too early and quietly go down the hall to my parents room and tap my mom’s shoulder.

Mommy, can we open our gifts now?

Go back to bed, honey, it’s much too early.

I would go back to bed and wait for what seemed like eternity and then bravely make the trip back down to my parents room.

Mommy, Daddy, can we open our gifts now? Can we?

Sometimes I was told to go back to bed again…it was still too early. Other times I would get a groggy grunt of approval.


Yes, we could open our gifts now!

I would then run down the hall and wake up my two older brothers and my grandparents who would often be in town for the momentous occasion. My “job” of herding my family to the living room was often a challenging one. It seemed to take forever.

Finally, everyone but my dad would be congregated around the Christmas tree. Inevitably, he would have to go to the bathroom. And we would wait. And wait. And wait.

And I felt certain that if I waited much longer I would explode!

This Christmas morning routine in our household went on for years. But then I remember the one Christmas morning when not a creature was stirring…not even Eileen. One year, I did not wake up early. After 2, 327 (this is an estimate) consecutive days of waking up early, I guess I was tired and I slept in. This had never happened before. And of all the days for it to happen, Christmas morning! Looking back, I’m sure it felt like a Christmas gift to my parents. Hallelujah our little girl slept in!

On that particular Christmas morning, which will always be remembered as “the year Eileen slept in” my dad, my mom and my two older brothers quietly came into my room and gathered around my bed. I was awakened that morning by their voices, Eileen! Can we open our gifts now? Can we?

One thought on “The year I slept in

  1. Kandi

    This is great! I used to do the same thing, however I can't remember a Christmas morning that I slept in, thank you for the reminder of fond childhood memories.


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