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“I fell in love with broken people.”

Years ago, during my early blogging days, I shared with you all this quote.  It’s one of my favorites.  I heard it while watching an episode of Extreme Home Makeover.  It’s what compelled a man to serve and love on people who the world often considered “less than deserving” of love.  You can read that post here.

Just sitting here and thinking about this quote again and my heart does a little dance.  It comforts me.  It fills me with joy. I see the hope packed into those words.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the same reaction after receiving an email from a lady who was correcting a mistake she had made in a previous email to me.  It was a small mistake and one I’ve made before too. After receiving her correction, relief swept over me.  I’m not alone.  I’m not the only one. 

It’s incredible to me how one little reminder can some times be the one little reminder you need more than anything.  That moment of exchange between me and another imperfect person (two people who are just trying to do their job as best they can) broke open a much-needed floodgate of peace.

I’m not alone.  I’m not the only one.  Thank you, Lord.


I think my favorite part about doing life in community is that I get the gift of experiencing this feeling on a regular basis.  There is nothing more beautiful to me than people who admit that they don’t have life all figured out, that sometimes they still take off in the wrong direction or they still drop the ball when they know they should have kept a firm grip on it.

I feel safe with people like this.  Vulnerability, and people who are coming to understand more and more that there is healing in admitting their faults to one another, is not weakness.  In fact, it’s the most courageous, most empowering, and most life changing thing we will ever do.  I say this because, I’ve lived it.  I know the beauty that shows up whenever a room full of flawed folks begin sharing with one another the imperfect steps they’ve taken along the road.  And, yes, beautiful is the only way to describe it.

Lord, thank you for the broken and beautiful people in my life.  Thank you that I am not alone.  Thank you that we can help pick each other up with just two little words:  me too.

8 thoughts on “This…This is Beautiful

    1. Eileen Post author

      Likewise, Larry. It’s a cool journey to be able to learn from one another…friends who shine the light on things I need to hear.

  1. Anne

    Thanks Eileen,
    This morning I was thinking that I am not doing enough but that I am also doing too much…trying to take care of everyone, and in the process, shorting everyone…especially those closest to me because I am spreading myself too thin. I really think back to Clay’s talk about “margins.” And I know that I need to draw some lines around my personal resources but I can’t seem to take that first step. Maybe tomorrow…

    1. Eileen Post author

      Oh, Anne, I can relate to that feeling. On the drive home last night from small group I thought about how learning new things when it comes to my job scares me to death. I am so uncomfortable in the unknown. I said a little prayer and repeated the words out loud. “Lord, I can only do what I can do…and that is enough. Help me to remember that” It calmed me down. I pray that you have peace, Anne. Love you.


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