Thoughts About the Team

Before battle:

“David and the six hundred men with him came to the Besor Valley, where some stayed behind.Two hundred of them were too exhausted to cross the valley, but David and the other four hundred continued the pursuit.”  1 Samuel 30: 9-10

After battle:

“But David said, “No, my brothers! Don’t be selfish with what the LORD has given us. He has kept us safe and helped us defeat the band of raiders that attacked us. Who will listen when you talk like this? We share and share alike—those who go to battle and those who guard the equipment.” 1 Samuel 30: 23-24

The above verses stood out to me recently.  David and his 600 men headed out to battle the Amalekites.  When they reached a certain point, 200 hundred men were too tired to go on and they stayed behind.   Some of those who did continue on and who did participate in battle didn’t want to share their success with those who stayed behind.   I love David’s response to “the team”   We share and share alike.

These verses actually brought to mind two concepts in the New Testament.

The first one is found in Romans 14 and the idea of how the weak in faith and the strong in faith should interact. It is not up to the strong to judge the weak.  God does the judging.  “For none of us lives for ourselves alone) and none of us dies for ourselves alone. If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord.” (v 7,8 )

The second concept is found in 1 Corinthians 12:27

“Now you are the body of Christ,and each one of you is a part of it.”  Each part plays an important role in the battle.  And as David recognizes, some might be called to fight… while others might be called to stay behind and guard the equipment.

These verses this morning reminded me of the importance of doing regular heart checks on how we view and interact with each member of the Body.  Each of us is significant.  It is not up to us to judge or punish. Our job is to accept each other as part of the team.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts About the Team

  1. Tracy

    Hi Eileen – ouch, very good post. Random regular heart checks certainly are needed in my life. Great reminder
    God bless

  2. Mike Gothard

    Good morning fellow Dominican coffee drinker extraordinaire 🙂

    Thank you for this post, Eileen. As one who sidelined himself, I have a new respect for being in that position and have become more acutely aware that I’ve not always been as gracious to and accepting of the 200 as the 400. But I’m learning to change that now; I hope it’s not too late.

    Thank you for the challenge. Hope you have a nice week.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Great thoughts, Mike. “But I’m learning to change that…” I think that’s the point of all of it. We learn and grow through all the mistakes and God’s grace is there every step of the way.


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