Tiny Trailblazers

“Leave your unique trail of beauty no matter how small it is” ~ Emily Freeman

This is one of the quotes of inspiration I have taped to my wall over my computer. I attended the She Speaks Conference last year where I had the privilege of listening to Emily share her writing journey. This quote spoke to me.

As a small time blogger who desires to be used by the Lord, it’s easy for me to get frustrated sometimes that the trail I am called to blaze doesn’t look as “glamorous” as the trails I see being blazed by others.

My trail isn’t a major highway.  It might never be a major highway.  But when I keep my eyes focused on the reason behind the journey then I am more than okay with this. This journey is for Him. Every step and every direction should glorify Him.  More than anything, I desire to follow along the paths that He calls me down.

Occasionally, I even have this thought:  Maybe all the little roads are in fact the big roads.  Major highways in disguiseI just can’t fully comprehend it from my human perspective.

The more I travel the little streets God tends to take me down, the more I appreciate them.  He reminds me over and over that the most beautiful and life changing attractions aren’t on the major roads, they are tucked away off the beaten path. I don’t want to miss all the heart touching scenery God is showing me along the way.

He knows a truth that I sometimes have hard time remembering.  Popular, fast-moving, interstates have a way of bypassing many of the joy-filled lessons.  I need the small because I need the lessons.

This Saturday marks the 21st anniversary of my mom’s death.  When I think of someone who left a unique trail of beauty, I can’t help but think of my mom.  My mom had a passion for writing songs and playing guitar.  She never made it to the big leagues with her music. She never wrote a #1 hit, but that didn’t deter her from writing, singing, and following her passion. She wrote about her love for the Lord and she sang her heart out to the Lord.

She left a legacy and a unique trail of beauty that continues to shape me today:

Share the love of Christ in whatever capacity He has called you to do so.

What is the unique trail of beauty God is calling you to leave behind today?

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14 thoughts on “Tiny Trailblazers

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    it is easy to wistfully dream about what could be and miss the adventure here and now. Longing for the next big thing can cause us to miss the beauty of the small. Your mom is testimony of that. Pastors can get in the rut of bigger is better also.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Well said, Bill. I can imagine how easy it is for Pastor’s to get pulled into that comparison rut too.

  2. LarryTheDeuce

    Eileen, not sure what is going on, but yours and Bryan Allain’s blogs are similar and I read them back to back this morning. We need to be ourselves, the “us” God made us to be in our blogs and everywhere else. We try to present these cleaned up pictures of ourselves to the world, but they are seen through.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Larry, just checked Bryan’s post out, thanks for mentioning it! Those back to back similar posts happen to me all the time as I read through the blogs I follow!

    1. Eileen Post author

      “an eddy that has caught your soul” You are a sweet friend, Anne. And you also have a way with words!

  3. Shari Miller

    I needed to hear this today. Sometimes, ( a lot of the times) I fall into the comparison game of thinking I’m not good enough, or I sure wish I had their spot in life and not mine. Thank you for the reminder that I’m right where God needs me to be.


    1. Eileen Post author

      Shari, glad it spoke to you today. That comparison trap is horrible pit to be in. It’s an unproductive place to hang out!

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