Toe-Deep In Memories

So what do toes and families have in common?

I am not quite sure. But, I have been thinking about both this morning. The only similarity I can think of is that one foot typically has five toes and when I was growing up my family had five members. And in toe lingo…I would have been considered the littlest toe, the baby toe.

I was looking at my toes this morning. The big toe is so different and always looks somewhat out of place next to the other four. As odd as toes are to look at, they still go together quite well. I like how each toe gradually becomes shorter. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents would line me and my two older brothers up in order from oldest to youngest and take a picture of us. This standard camera shot worked until the day my middle brother suddenly grew taller than my oldest brother.

I have a few of these descending order pictures in my possession and recently pulled them out to look at them again. One such picture was taken when I was three years old. It was the day when my dad graduated from college. My dad spent six years in night school in order to get his degree. I don’t remember the day the picture was snapped, but from the look on my face, I was one miserable little toe. It was summer on the east coast of Florida and the sun was beating down on us.

Another picture I have of us in “descending order” was a picture that was snapped on the day of my graduation from high school. Unlike the picture taken at my dad’s college graduation, this snapshot didn’t just contain me and my brothers but my entire family. We stood “tallest” to “shortest”- just not in the traditional way. I stood in the back in my cap and gown, my dad stood directly in front of me and bent down so that just my head could be seen, then my mom stood in front of my dad, then my oldest brother,and then finally my middle brother squatted in front of him. My middle brother was actually the tallest of us all if we were to stand up straight. The picture even manages to capture an up close profile head shot of one of our dogs sitting in a chair just to the right of us.

This photo always puts a smile on my face. It’s a captured memory of a time when my entire family was caught acting completely goofy. I like those memories.

So what do toes and families have in common?

I am not quite sure.

But this little toe sure enjoyed her fun, brief walk down memory lane.

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