Traveling Tulips

Tulips. I love tulips. My good friend Michelle gave some to me on Sunday. She saw them at the store and could not resist buying them for me. I took them home and set them on my dining room table. I smile every time I catch a glimpse of them.

As I was getting ready for work this morning I looked at my tulips and thought of something. How could I enjoy my tulips today while I am at work if they were still sitting at home on my dining room table? It seemed like such a waste to leave them sitting at home. This gave me an idea. So, I picked up my tulips and decided to bring them to work with me today.

Here they are, riding shotgun in my car this morning.

I rode along, thankful to be sharing my commute with such colorful companions. I kinda wish everyone could pack up their flowers and take them along on their daily journey. 30 minutes later, I arrive at work. I carry my tulips inside and place them on the front counter. My two co-workers like them too.

Another co-worker arrives and all of sudden the three of them look at me and say, “Eileen, what are you doing here? You don’t work today! You work tomorrow!”


I put on my coat and pick up my purse. I leave my tulips on the counter. For some reason, my tulips needed to go to work today…taking them home with me just didn’t seem right. Perhaps there are others who would appreciate seeing some tulips today.

Besides, I’ll get to see them again soon. It just so happens that I work tomorrow. 🙂

Linking up with Tiffini today for Word Women Wednesday


13 thoughts on “Traveling Tulips

  1. Tiffini

    That is a most refreshing story! So simple and beautiful. I LOVE tulips and I would take them with me too! Right now in the dead of winter this made me happy:)…truly! I am so glad you shared that bit of your day with us.
    I like your purse by the way….

  2. Michelle

    I love tulips. They do make everything so refreshing. They are truly as sign of spring – new hope, new life. Thank you for sharing your humility with us.

  3. Crystal

    Awww, the last time I received flowers was last year when Mrs. N. Sheppard gave me some…and they were her favorites TULIPS! 🙂

    This post pretty much sums up why I love you.

    Thanks for sharing. And I LOVE the tulips.

  4. Critty

    What a beautiful story…. Tulips are favorites of mine….they are such a burst of color right when you need them 🙂

  5. Eileen

    Thank you ladies. Will enjoy checking out more of your blogs…once I am done hanging out with my tulip today at work 🙂
    And Crystal…I know you "get" me. I think that is why I love you too 🙂
    Happy Wednesday everyone!

  6. Fields of gold

    Lovely!! I sent my mom tulips today for her birthday! They're fun and refreshingly beautiful.

    Hope you enjoyed your day off, and your co-workers enjoyed their surprise flowers!! 🙂


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