Typical Skies and Beating Hearts

I took a picture of the sky last night.  I love how pretty the evening sky can be even when it lacks color.  Sometimes the vibrant, stunning colors aren’t necessary at all. Instead, it’s the varying shades and degrees of light and dark that seems to usher in the beauty.

This picture reminded me of life itself and how, everyday, we are invited to look beyond the normal and set our gaze on the remarkable-ness of it all.

As I sat here this morning, preparing to write, I had no idea what I was going to say.  I stared at the empty page for a moment and sipped my coffee. I watched in the quietness as the cursor blinked steadily on my screen. I realized how much it reminded me of a heartbeat.

Bump, bump. Bump, bump. Bump, Bump.

I also realized how each time I stopped typing, each time I paused to let my mind catch up to my fingers, the blinking would continue, life continued to beat right along.

This morning I thought about how our daily lives are the same way. We might pause to catch our breath. We might pull over on the side of the road to rest. We might study the map or look for a bright sign pointing us in a certain direction. We might even look up at the sky, hoping to see beautiful colors that take our breath away. Yet through it all, our heart continues to beat.

It beats through uncertainty. It beats through the storm.  It beats through the calm and the normal. And just like the sunset above, it’s the varying shades of light and dark that our hearts must travel through that seem to bring about the most beauty.

So often, it’s not the stunning sunset that gives life significance. No, it’s all the other stuff. It’s the typical night sky that lacks color. It’s the blinking cursor on an empty computer screen.

Bump, bump. Bump, bump. Bump, bump

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