Word Woman Wednesday

Today you can find me smiling over at Tiffini’s House of Belonging for Word Woman Wednesday. Hop on over and link up too!

Don’t you love when a certain activity triggers a happy memory that instantly brings a smile to your lips…an unexpected,spontaneous, out of the blue smile. I look at these moments as little gifts. One little thought can fill my heart with so much joy. I can amuse myself for several minutes just by reminiscing about that one happy moment in time..READ MORE

6 thoughts on “Word Woman Wednesday

  1. Kandi

    I love that story. I totally agree with you that dogs and their people start to read each others minds, all those same words triggered the same response with Whitney as it does with Bisbee, the happy dog dance, she even knew the time of the day for our appointed walks. Same time every day she would get up and walk to the door and wait for me, and when I did not come, she would come get me. She had me trained well.

  2. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    Another wonderful post Eileen… Your posts always bring a smile to my face so it's an apt subject for me to read from you. 🙂

    Have a Blessed Day my friend!


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