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Lately, each time we’ve gone to Barnes & Noble, my son has come out with one or two biographies. He loves learning a person’s story. As I sat on my couch this morning sipping my coffee I looked at his most recent purchases scattered across our coffee table: Bruce Lee, Jackie Robinson and George Lucas. Two of those stories are done being written and one is still in process.

I thought about how, right now, a book is being written about my life too. Most likely, that book will never hit the shelves of Barnes & Noble. There wont come a day when young boys and girls will be standing in a bookstore picking up a copy of Who Was Eileen Knowles and reading about this life I’m currently living. Yet each day I live, facts about who I am, are being added to this book. Each day I live, the people I cross paths with and interact with become a part of my own biography.  What is that story saying?  What details will people remember?

These short books my son has been enjoying are only 100 pages long…one life whittled down to 100 pages. If you took out all the pictures included in the book there would probably only be about 50 pages of words. If you think about it, that’s not many at all. To steal a phrase I’ve heard before, it’s the highlight reel of a person’s life.

It dawned on me again this morning how much influence we have over what those 100 pages are going to say about each of us. The choices we make and the directions we take today matter a great deal. History is being written.

100 pages.  What story are you leaving behind for the next generation?

4 thoughts on “Your Life in 100 pages

  1. Bill (cycelguy)

    I’ll be glad if my life hits 50 pages. LOL I do think your son is doing a good thing Eileen. Although people make choices we may not agree with, it is good to read/hear the other side and know why we make the choices we do. While I haven’t read Jackie’s story, watching the movie 42 really opened my eyes. But I do wonder what legacy I am leaving behind.

    1. Eileen Post author

      haha! Oh, Bill, there are 24 hours in a day…your life would most certainly hit 50 pages! I just don’t want mine to be page after page of just drinking coffee 😉

      1. Debra

        Hehe , well you wouldn’t be alone if it were Eileen, mine would be right next to yours,, entitled, coffee with a splash of creamer…


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